Hollywood North Walking Tour

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“Once Upon A Time” in Vancouver it rained “Cats & Dogs” for almost “30 Days of Night.” A city so magically beautiful during the daylight not even the “Underworld” could shadow the “50 Shades of Grey” during “Twilight.”  British Columbia projects a “Continuum” sense of “Supernatural” beauty leaving  a “50/50” chance it just may be your “Final Destination!”  Enjoy every season with ease thanks to Fans of Vancouver!

On the Fans of Vancouver Hollywood North Walking Tour our chronicler guides immerse you into iconic Vancouver through the eyes of “Hollywood North” styled landmarks. Countless television series and film productions are shot around our beautifully inspiring neighborhoods. For your amusement this walking tour is always changing; evolving around current & favorite filming productions. 

Other Hollywood productions created around us are… “Arrow”, “Bates Motel” , “Fantastic Four”, “Godzilla”, “Good Luck Chuck, “Happy Gilmore”, “I, Robot”,  “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”, “Paycheck”, “Night at the Museum”,  “Scary Movie”, “Smallville”, “Stargate SG-1”, “The X Files”, “TRON: Legacy”, “Watchmen”  along with a series of others! 

 We suggest you wear appropriate footwear as this tour can average from 1-2 hours. Keep your eyes open, if we’re lucky we may even spot live sets while on tour!

Where do we meet? In front of the main door of the Vancouver Convention Centre – West Building (1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C)

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Hollywood North Walking Tour