Our Team

Arthur Sacramento

Arthur Sacramento is a Lead Chronicler Guide and Tour Operations Manager. On his first visit to Canada in 1990 Arthur Immediately became a Fan of Vancouver. Originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil and having extensively traveled the world he ultimately decided to settle down in his dream city Vancouver in 2009. A combination of love for tourism, the film industry along with all the charms Vancouver has to offer is how these unique amusement tours were brought to life. Acquiring degrees in tourism and participating first hand in numerous film productions professionally as a background actor gives the Fans of Vancouver team an irreplaceable experience. Come fall in love with Vancouver; we know you will!

“Vancouver is cozy yet cosmopolitan altogether! The most remarkable charming city I’ve ever seen!” – Arthur Sacramento

Vicki Araujo

Vicki is the International Relations Manager for Brazil and a true fan of Vancouver. The first time this Brazilian journalist/actor/singer came to town, it was love at first sight. Since then, she keeps on coming back and just can’t seem to get enough. As an enthusiast of Vancouver people, flavors, smells, sights, every street and every corner, Vicki is fascinated by the familiar locations you recognize everywhere in BC. Curious as most journalists, outgoing as most actors, easy going as most Brazilians and thorough as most fans, she joins the FOV team to help you make the most of this city.

“Vancouver has it all in one amazing package. One of the best cities in the world, a true must for any traveler.” – Vicki Araujo

Vicki é a coordenadora de Relações Internacionais para a Língua Portuguesa e uma verdadeira fã de Vancouver. Na primeira vez em que essa jornalista, atriz e cantora brasileira veio à cidade, foi amor à primeira vista. Como uma entusiasta das pessoas, sabores, aromas, vistas, de cada rua e esquina de Vancouver, Vicki é fascinada pelas locações familiares que podem ser reconhecidas por todos os lados na Colúmbia Britânica. Curiosa como a maioria dos jornalistas, extrovertida como a maioria dos atores, amigável como a maioria dos brasileiros e minuciosa como a maior parte dos fãs, ela se junta ao time da Fans of Vancouver Tours para ajudar você a curtir essa cidade ao máximo.

“Vancouver tem de tudo em um só maravilhoso pacote. Uma das melhores cidades do mundo, imperdível para qualquer viajante.” – Vicki Araujo

Nadine Harder

Nadine Harder (also called “Mimmi“ or “Dine“) traded her job back in Hamburg (Germany) to take some time out and to fullfill her long-time dream of living in Vancouver.

For Mimmi it was love at first sight with our amazing city, its nature and the people of Vancouver.

As a die-hard fan of the TV-Show “Supernatural“ she loves showing the supernatural filming sites of Vancouver and its many different filming locations.

So grab your salt and holy water an get ready for hunting!

Nadine Harder (auch “Mimmi“ oder “Dine“ genannt) ist das neueste Mitglied von Fans of Vancouver.

Sie hat ihren Job in Hamburg gekündigt und erfüllt sich mit einer Auszeit in Vancouver einen lang gehegten Traum.

Bereits am ersten Tag verliebte sich Nadine in die Stadt, die Natur und die Menschen in Vancouver.

Als großer Fan der Serie “Supernatural“ liebt sie es, die „übernatürliche“ Seite von Vancouver und die unterschiedlichen Drehorte zu zeigen.

Also rüstet Euch mit Salz und Weihwasser aus und macht Euch bereit für die Jagd!

Leo Shyirambere

Live for the day or die for the adventure!

Leo spent several years travelling. Originally from Africa, “I have experienced the beauty of discovering a new world, a new culture, a new way of life. One day I packed everything for Vancouver, can not say I am not loving this adventure. I also love being a cook because I believe in passion, art, beauty, music, authenticity and the impossible.

So, that trip that you always wanted to take…just do it.

Tanmay Behl

Coming from the city beautiful, Chandigarh (india), Tanmay, the sailor in the world of traveling driven by the wind of desire to meet new people and discover new adventures, has yearn to explore as many places he can and the curiosity of knowing the history has always been running through his veins.

“Vancouver, eh? In no time I fell in love with the beauty of the city, precisely. It was like the way you love someone for the first time and you cannot love anyone the same way.” – Tanmay Behl

Tanmay Behl is our Head Marketing Consultant and Tour Guide. A big movie aficionado, Tanmay is the right person to show you the world of Hollywood North that Vancouver has become.