Supernatural Experience Walking Tour

Price: $39.99

Are you ready for a “Supernatural Experience”? You will visit some of the most interesting and lively areas of Vancouver while visiting places where your most beloved series took place. It is called “The Supernatural Experience” for a reason… Vancouver is the home of the TV show Supernatural. We are hard fans as well, so…welcome to this amazing experience. It starts in front of the Waterfront Station (601 W. Cordova St, Vancouver, BC) and ends close to where it started.

Supernatural Experience Driving Tour

Price: $199.99

Be prepared to visit the most iconic filming locations of your favorite TV show “Supernatural”. The Lawrence House, the Crossroad, Bobby’s junkyard, the “Men of Letters’ Bunker” entrance and many other fantastic places. This tour will drive you all over Vancouver and the Lower Mainland during a 7 to 8 hours tour. The tour starts at 10:00 AM in front of the Georgian Court Hotel (773 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC). Join us…bring your friends and don’t forget your camera.

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